Fully featured,  cloud-based option development and appraisal software so that you can keep robust option appraisal records

  • Fully customisable projects/grids
    • You choose the number of options, criteria and participants for each project.  Customise them with your own labels.  We do the rest.
  • Scoring by consensus or individually
    • The platform can be deployed in various different ways.  For example, to collect scores on a consensus basis via a workshop or for individuals to provide scores which are then collated together
  • Remote collection of scores via mobile phone ('live mode')
    • Participants can use our free App (compatible with any mobile device) to submit their scores remotely into a live grid.
  • Sensitivity testing mode
    • Adjust the weighting for any criteria at any time and revert back to defaults.
  • Automatic results analysis (ranking by score and cost benefits)
    • Optioneer will automatically rank the options based on the top scoring and the most cost effective at the click of a button.
  • Automatic matrix calculation
    • No more maths.  Every time a score is provided, the totals update.  You can even hide this for a big reveal.
  • Save, share and restore work
    • Save and come back to projects at any time
    • Share a "read-only" version of any project without needing to log-in.
  • High visibility "Workshop mode"
    • Switch between a detailed view and a high visibility mode designed for running workshops
  • Forcefield analysis and validity checking for democratic weighting of criteria
    • Optional.  Democratise the weightings used for each criteria using our unique methodology.
  • Cost-benefits calculator with Capital, Revenue and Savings figures.
    • Quickly see the cost per unit benefit by providing financial data for each option.
  • Semantic anchors provided for scoring
    • A built-in visual scale helps participants normalise their scores.
  • "Hold" and "Release" preferred options
    • If you're looking to discount options, this feature allows you to highlight those which have made it past your gates.
  • Save participant notes against each option
    • Useful for keeping workshop notes or simply to describe impacts, each option has free-text notes which can be collapsed for privacy purposes.

We recommend that you watch the following video tutorials

Creating a matrix and using advanced features

Collecting scores remotely using a mobile phone and 'live' mode