Optioneer is an online decision support system designed for developing the case for change and shortlisting options.

 It helps consultors understand the merits of certain choices over others and is for decision-makers who want a robust & defendable, democratised , appraisal process.

Using a combination of forcefield analysis and scoring, Optioneer automatically calculates cost benefits and ranks alternatives in order of their suitability.  Optioneer is ideal for public consultation or policymaking where scenarios need to be discounted or shortlisted.


Optioneer can work in a number of ways:-

During events

  1. Scores and weightings can be collected from participants remotely in a live workshop and saved into a scoring grid
  2. Scores and weightings can be collected from participants and keyed by a facilitator in a live workshop then saved into a scoring grid

After events

  1. Scores and weightings can be keyed into a scoring grid from participants for later reference and manipulation
  2. Scores can be collected after a workshop into a scoring grid through the issue of a questionnaire to participants

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Software as a service

In appraising options it is necessary to consider their cost and performance against a range of criteria.  This might be for the purposes of deciding which are preferred options or which should be discounted in order to narrow down the available choice.

Our software helps policymakers score and analyse options using a web interface and is based on a proven approach.  Scoring matrices can be saved and recalled for audit purposes.

Alternatives appraisal for robust policymaking

When there are difficult choices to be made it is good practice to generate options which can be put to public consultation.  Optioneer can help you decide collectively on the best approach or preferred option in a fair and unbiased way.



What are options?  Options are viable solutions to a particular problem and may have been derived from a wider set of alternative proposals

As used and recommended by The Consultation Institute (UK)